This is a popular concept mainly in urban areas where you bring the outside into your interior designs and create biophilic internal landscapes that pair beauty with simplicity to create healthy, living works of art. With increasing population, land for construction of housing has to take shape in high rise buildings with hardly any garden space. People’s desire to be closed to nature has created a huge demand for live walls and we are geared to make that dream a reality for both local and overseas customers. We create beautiful vertical gardens so that one cannot feel deprived of a garden even when living so many floors above the ground or in confined space.

  • Frame Installation with necessary accessories.
  • Irrigation system installation.
  • Live Plants installation with Visual appealing designs.

Live wall is designed parallel to nature. With live wall, plants enjoy natural orientation, stems are oriented upward instead of sideways. Roots are allowed to go downward in a nutrient rich soil.